Growing Season: Time for getting out there and start planting those seeds!

It hasn't been the easiest 12 months for any of us, lets be fair!

But is it just us, or does feel like there is a dusting of optimism with these occasional spring like days we have been seeing over the past few weeks? Spring has always felt like the time of year that is full of hope for the year ahead. Better weather is on the way and we can all start dreaming of long summer days in the Garden!

Starting to plant the seeds that will take us into Spring, Summer and even through to Autumn is such an exciting time, and we have already been out planting some of our summer goodies!

Planting Pepper Seeds:

We started our pepper seeds early this year in a heated propagator to get things moving a little quicker and have the best chance of getting a good crop of sweet pointed peppers this Summer.

This week we have moved them into their own pots to start to mature into bigger plants! We even popped them in the Greenhouse for a day or two last week during some of the warmer days to give them a big boost of UV and they are looking all the better for it!

Thinking Eco:

We choose to use fibre pots that are compostable and can be planted directly into the ground as the plants get bigger so we are not using any plastic during our growing process! For our larger plants, we use clay pots that we reuse every year. Unlike plastic pots that tend to split and become unusable, we have been using our clay pots for years and they are still going strong! We also use organic soil and our own compost.


Gift ideas for Gardeners:

If you have a friend or loved on who loves getting out there in the Garden and may have a Birthday coming up, heres a few little gift ideas for those green fingered friends:

Here are just some of the Personalised Garden items we offer!


We wish you all a very happy and successful growing season!

Best Wishes from

Emily & the Team at Precious Little Plum....x